Here are some tips about deep sea fishing

The deep sea fishing tour is set for about 4 hours. The ride is in open ocean and it can be rough sometimes.

The Island of Moorea is right smack dab in the middle of nowhere in the Pacific Ocean. Pelagic fish ie Marlin, Tuna, Wahoo, or Mahi Mahi migrate through these warm tropical waters. Sometimes these fish are present and biting and some days they are not around, not hungry or are just playing difficult to catch.

The TEA NUI a 31' Bertram Sportfisher will normally run up to 6 artificial lures to attract these fish.

Fishing can be very sporadic at times and we never know what can turn up. Crap shoot so to speak.

The boat is based at the Intercontinental Hotel here on Moorea. I provide transportation from the other hôtels.

Hope to see you soon?

We use almost exclusively artificial trolling lures because we can cover a lot more water that way. We will be trolling in water that is up to 10000 ft. deep. There is no structure outside the barrier reef to hold bait or fish – outside of the FAD’s ( Fish Attracting Devices ) There is one FAD straight out in front of the Intercontinental about 4 miles and then 2 more that I target regularly. One is out in front of Pao Pao about 6 miles and then one other on the south side. I will occasionally pick up a small tuna and live bait that if possible, but most of the time it will be artificial lures.

Fishing is very sporadic in these waters and you never know what is going to happen – a lot of times we just don’t see anything at all. Other times we get lucky – never know.

If after all of the downsizing of the excursion hasn’t turned you off – come on along -